Anita sings the sky

7-15-12     7:45ish pm

Jamie plays the circles that are purple.

At Dizzy’s.
Feeling fragile.
They don’t have my soda.
Flute lady is playing.
Candles are flashing.
                              Like LSD.

Got to sit with the Lizfest people. I like them. Hugged Chuck. I went on a boat today. Flute lady makes me crazy. Jumbles my brains. Maybe it’s a good thing. I don’t mind being psychotic now and then. Candles are warm.

Chuck says I look worn. I am.

Mixing drugs – Lori’s flute, Jamie’s electric violin, Mikan’s keys. Bluegrass later. My mind spins.

The sound moves in a counterclockwise motion. I feel vibration. The light flickers. I glide back and forth. Springs dangle. Orange hovers in the night. Brown never touches the ground. 

If time was a feeling it would float. Like dust in the air. Time flurries. Body & soul. And bread…

Orange. Thick on the ground, fills my soul, envelopes my mind. Beat beat, flicker, stomp (yell!). I do despise the yelling. Slam! Pause  Too much mind…

My eyeballs. They float in it. Time.


I feel sad that Allison be here. She no voice be drug. Fairytale not psychadelic. Hummmmmm.
          Too much dichotomy. Too low for her. Makes mind hurt.

Feel like I’m being attacked by a flute bird wielding a strobe light accompanied by an attack band. Quite the posse. –

:) Mikan’s trio

The pirates aren’t coming.  They’re always here. They live among us. I only can see them sometimes. I feel them in my cheeks.

Oh do play a ballad please.
The drums are killin’ me.

I prefer when Allison sings Allison in Allison keys. This night confuses me. Grandly.

I wanted to come tonight to see friends, be around people, have me time and experience music – a most powerful drug and often mood lifter. I forgot flute Lori would be here. I feel overwhelmed.

Mindfulness of Emotion (anxiety):
Face – teeth clenched, eyes squinty, cheeks tight
Body – barely breathing, legs crossed, dizzy, rocking, feel energy coursing through me, tight muscles, runny nose, light/noise intolerance.

Action urges – leave, scream, take a break, cry, do nothing

(rock to trio – thankful)

The best closing.

Mikan makes emotions.
Jamie makes the world unwind.
Lori twists it tighter clockwise & brings the pirates.
Allison sings the fairytale.
I don’t know what Duncan does.
He feels like middle school.
Haven’t met the other guy.

This night is confusing & uncohesive.
What’s the word for that? I do love music though. I miss these people.

(smile) the encore is a good ending.
I keep thinking “Anita sings the sky.”

7/15/12     10:35pm

I feel God.
          I feel warm.
                    I feel love.

My skin feels warm. My mind is calm. My lips are hot. Cry Holy.

Music + Hugs + Acceptance + Positive socialization = PEACE

                    God is in me.
                    And God IS me.


The energy of the universe wells up in me. I am warm. My body temperature is rising. My face feels tingly. I feel it in me. Head pain. I start to feel very hot. Need to sing. It must pour from me. Make beautiful music. Anita sings the sky.

I feel the God within me. (Hum…)
I feel the God within me.

                    Hear my heart beat.
                    I am alive. 

I have FAITH.
          I BELIEVE.
     I have OUR FATHER.

– is not my friend.
(statement crashed the energy)

(singing prayer)

I am so sleepy.
Thank God for music friends.
Need a hug.
(put on Jamie’s robe)
I’m renaming it The Hug Robe.
Thank you. <3

© Michelle Routhieaux 2012 

What a Friday Night

10-24-10              2am

On Friday I took the trolley to my usual spot for music. The music was great but my experience was marred by pesky unrealities to most of the world. I knew at the first thought that something was wrong. It was a good thought though. This is my journal’s account from then until now.

10-22-10              7:04pm

Automatic Thought: I am a miracle. :)

I’m riding the trolley to see -. Got my mind on autopilot with my ipod. Good music. Good weather. I feel calm, and happy. I think content is a better word. A pleasant calm, contentness. I was really mad at Ken today, but in this moment I just feel good.

Today I woke up from the strangest dream. It was scary and disturbing. I want to write but I need to just listen. I’m off.


I feel bulletproof & transparent, like if I put my arms out I could rise up and fly, hover. Impenetrable. Safe. Unfazed. Nothing can touch me.


Mind still floating.
Wide eyes.
Heart strong but not fast.
Body – nervous. Mind – mostly calm.


Just listened to S- & C- talk in the bathroom. Nothing changed. I still feel invisible here – not translucent but not part of them. J- is sufficiently obsessed with me.

*The Very Thought of You
– black fountain ink pens and purple
– ice skaters dancing and painting the sky


Cold sweat
Slightly confused
My insides are tense but my outsides are not.
My hair is bugging me on my neck.
Just ordered fries and pickles.


My thighs hurt – it’s like they’re constantly contracted.
It hurts my face to smile.


Insides tight.
Barely breathing.


General sense of impending doom.
Hard to stay conscious.
Hard to stay upright.
Must consciously thinking about breathing
Cold sweat
Tongue out randomly
Nose twitching
Peeing all night.
Need to get home NOW.

(Thinking at the music – Just make it stop.)

Predict: Zap storm, many hours sleep, and/or migraine.

Ipod and coat on trolley home.

12:06am (on the trolley)

It’s like freefalling backwards into a Wonderland of memories.

Exhausted but don’t want to blink.
Feeling hot.
Want to take all my clothes off.
Neck clicking again – veins on right


Want to walk & walk & walk.

Safe – I don’t feel safe. And I don’t know what’s going on. I wish I was with someone. I just want to feel safe.


Pain over right eye
Want to sit in warm water to relax
Lower back tight
So tired.


Mini-face storm
Eyes squeeze shut




Freezing cold – shivering
Nose running


Rocking back and forth
Cookie & Milk
Eyes closed lightly – too much light

10-23-10              1:31pm

Just woke up. Still feel zoned out and tired but my head doesn’t hurt.


Residual effects:

Some movements – mostly facial, some large jerks
Trouble swallowing
Olfactory hallucinations
Headache is back

I went shopping/returning at the mall today. I feel much better than yesterday but I’m still not feeling normal or baseline again.

(sigh) What a Friday night.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010


I wrote this while listening to Sacha sing tonight at the Westgate. Quite an experience.

7-9-10                  8:29am

Tonight here it is like Christmas. I close my eyes and expect to walk outside into whipping wind and snowflakes. I would feel the cold on my cheeks and smile and flinch. Feel cozy by a fire, like warm maple syrup, and cuddle up. Watch children run around and write to Santa.

Tonight there are people talking all around me. It’s annoying but I float above them. Twirl around in the sky.

Shhhhhh…  Listen!  Magic.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010