12/5/2014     1:24am

I’ve been doing Phoenix Rising Yoga Therapy with Soleil since June of this year (2014). It is amazing for me. After so many years of dancing I move to express, to experience. Traditional therapy has brought me a long way but this takes me deeper, lets me explore the inner workings of myself by simply listening, following, moving, being still. After each session I draw something . This is my collection. I will add to it as I create more.


*Note – Drawings are in chronological order so the most recent is at the very end.

Yoga Therapy Art_0001 Yoga Therapy Art_0002 Yoga Therapy Art_0003 Yoga Therapy Art_0004 Yoga Therapy Art_0005 Yoga Therapy Art_0006 Yoga Therapy Art_0007 Yoga Therapy Art_0008 Yoga Therapy Art_0009 Yoga Therapy Art_0010 Yoga Therapy Art_0011 Yoga Therapy Art_0012 Yoga Therapy Art_0013 Yoga Therapy Art_0014 Yoga Therapy Art_0015 Yoga Therapy Art_0016 Yoga Therapy Art_0017 Yoga Therapy Art_0018 Yoga Therapy Art_0019 Yoga Therapy Art_0021 Yoga Therapy Art_0022 Yoga Therapy Art_0023 Yoga Therapy Art_0024Yoga Therapy Art_0025Yoga Therapy Art_0026Yoga Therapy Art_0027Yoga Therapy Art_0028Yoga Therapy Art_0030Yoga Therapy Art_0031

Yoga Therapy Art_0032Yoga Therapy Art_0034Yoga Therapy Art_0035Yoga Therapy Art_0036Yoga Therapy Art_0037Yoga Therapy Art_0038Yoga Therapy Art_0039Yoga Therapy Art_0040Yoga Therapy Art_0041Yoga Therapy Art_0042Yoga Therapy Art_0043Yoga Therapy Art_0044Yoga Therapy Art_0045Yoga Therapy Art_0046Yoga Therapy Art_0047Yoga Therapy Art_0048Yoga Therapy Art_0049Yoga Therapy Art_0050Yoga Therapy Art_0051Yoga Therapy Art_0052Yoga Therapy Art_0053Yoga Therapy Art_0054Yoga Therapy Art_0055Yoga Therapy Art_0056Yoga Therapy Art_0057

Yoga Therapy Art_0058

Yoga Therapy Art_0059 Yoga Therapy Art_0060

Yoga Therapy Art_0061

Yoga Therapy Art_0062Yoga Therapy Art_0063

Yoga Therapy Art_0064

Yoga Therapy Art_0065Yoga Therapy Art_0066Yoga Therapy Art_0067Yoga Therapy Art_0068Yoga Therapy Art_0069Yoga Therapy Art_0070Yoga Therapy Art_0071Yoga Therapy Art_0075Yoga Therapy Art_0072Yoga Therapy Art_0073

Yoga Therapy Art_0076



Yoga Therapy Art_0077
Yoga Therapy Art_0078


Yoga Therapy Art_0079Yoga Therapy Art_0080Yoga Therapy Art_0080Yoga Therapy Art_0081Yoga Therapy Art_0082

Yoga Therapy Art_0083

Yoga Therapy Art_0084

Yoga Therapy Art_0085

Yoga Therapy Art_0086Yoga Therapy Art_0087Yoga Therapy Art_0088Yoga Therapy Art_0089Yoga Therapy Art_0090Yoga Therapy Art_0091Yoga Therapy Art_0091-1Yoga Therapy Art_0092Yoga Therapy Art_0092-2Yoga_Therapy_Art_0093Yoga Therapy Art_0094 Yoga Therapy Art_0094-1yoga-therapy-art_0095 yoga-therapy-art_0096-1 yoga-therapy-art_0096-3yoga-therapy-art_0097yoga-therapy-art_0098yoga-therapy-art_0099yoga-therapy-art_0100 yoga-therapy-art_0101yoga-therapy-art_0102yoga-therapy-art_0103yoga-therapy-art_0103 yoga-therapy-art_0103-1yoga-therapy-art_0105yoga-therapy-art_0106 yoga-therapy-art_0107 yoga-therapy-art_0108 yoga-therapy-art_0108-2 yoga-therapy-art_0109 yoga-therapy-art_0110 yoga-therapy-art_0110-1 yoga-therapy-art_0111yoga-therapy-art_0112-1 yoga-therapy-art_0113yoga-therapy-art_0114 yoga-therapy-art_0115

Yoga Therapy Art_0146 (2)Yoga Therapy Art_0145 (1)Yoga Therapy Art_0147Yoga Therapy Art_0149 (3)Yoga Therapy Art_0150 (4) 2018-02-18 16.00.30IMG_20180228_0007_NEWIMG_20180307_0001_NEW IMG_20180516_0002IMG_20180516_0004

IMG_20180516_0007IMG_20180516_0008 Yoga Therapy Art_0169Yoga Therapy Art_0168Yoga Therapy Art_0167Yoga Therapy Art_0166Yoga Therapy Art_0170IMG_20190327_0002IMG_20190423_0013IMG_20190423_0012

Notes after Soleil 5/20/2020 11am – led to the ALLOW drawing (next)

© Michelle Routhieaux 2020

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