One freakout at a time

2-6-14     9:57am

I’m feeling really nervous. Too much awake time before the day starts. I started a really cool project last month. I think it’s God’s project because it wasn’t my thought before it fell out of my mouth, but I’m so nervous to do it. I got the approval a few days ago so it’s actually real now. I don’t want to fuck up or do it wrong or bring shame to me or my organization. I sound Asian. I know that’s racist. I don’t care. I want to do GOOD. I want to stay with the mindset I recently named Eyes. We are dynamic. But right now we are freaked out. I need an easy task to do. How I hate the smell of dog food. Do you think skies will mend?

To do this well I will need support and major organization. Let’s do it!

PS – I got cable in my room yesterday. I don’t think that’s a good thing.

PPS (5 minutes later) – I think my freakout is being exacerbated by thinking about another project I agreed to last week. While I was peeing I realized that it’s a lot bigger than I ‘d thought. Crap. One freakout at a time, people. ONE at a time. (series of zaps)

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Comfort Drive!

5-30-12     10pm

So, I frequently donate my possessions to my favorite unit at Sharp Mesa Vista Hospital – clothes, journals, art supplies, etc. I get rid of stuff I don’t need and feel really good doing it. This week I had the idea to have a Comfort Drive and ask my family & friends and whomever else to join me in making a hospital stay easier on the patients there. 

It’s called the Give Back Comfort Drive and all the details and what you can give can be found on the flyer here.

Sharp Mesa Vista is a local psychiatric hospital near and dear to my heart. I have spent much time there. I owe my life to them and I want to give back. Often patients arrive without clothes or other comforts of home. Simple things like an outfit, a hairbrush, or shampoo and conditioner can help them feel loved and feel like themselves again. Even a pair of underwear that fits can make someone’s day. 

So, go through your closet, hit the store, or ask a friend. Let’s make it happen!

Please share with your friends!
FB event link:
PDF Flyer: 

There is a great need for men’s clothing and plus size clothing for both men and women. 

If you are in San Diego you can drop off donations at a DBSA San Diego group in La Jolla or contact me at to arrange a pick up.

If you are not in San Diego but want to participate, you can mail your donations to:

DBSA San Diego
8837 Villa La Jolla Drive #12774
La Jolla, CA 92039

Thank you so much!

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