Presence over Present

2/2/15     8:10pm

Presence over present – my message from God today. His presence over my present. I shared the phrase with a few people. They gave me their interpretations. For me, it stays the same. His presence over my present.

I wondered what this meant. DBT stresses mindfulness and being in this moment – the present. But being in this moment is really hard for me right now. Can I be in His presence without being in this present? Yes. Yes, I can. I was so relieved to realize that. My present doesn’t quite matter. It’s simply a bonus to drop into when I can. All I need is God.

Wrap me in your healing warmth.
Surround me with your presence.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2015

1 thought on “Presence over Present

  1. God should always take precedence over all aspects of our lives. It usually doesn’t. Because we are sinners. And we have built a world in which we are taught that for small problems we can go to our Pastors and our church families, read our Bible, and run to Christ. But for big problems we need to go to a licensed therapist or some other guru who does not know Jesus from the man on the moon. You have so many brothers and sisters in Christ, some of which you do not even talk to that could be such a blessing to you. I implore you, give them a chance and you will be pleasantly surprised. When you have these feelings and thoughts, the ones you write about so much. Read your bible. Most people really believe that it couldn’t possibly help with there personal problems of today. But it can and it will. It’s all in there.

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