I love fruit

7/16/13    9:18pm

This morning I found myself staring at a list of questions for my biography in some book at my upcoming 10 year reunion. They all made me think. No spouse, no children. I’ve not become the me I wanted to be. I was particularly puzzled by the last prompt/question: Summary of accomplishments, dreams, travels since High School. It’s all been a blur. I had the invitation to regret, to be angry, to hate myself for what I’ve done. For the bio I came up with this. It surprised me but it’s true.

reunion biography

It didn’t seem complete. It’s not what I’m most proud of. So I continued it in my journal.

Summary of accomplishments, dreams, travels since High School:

  • I survived. I’m alive. I’m thriving.
  • Fought through mental illness
  • Didn’t give up
  • Found myself
  • Set her free
  • Learned to love her
  • Worked
  • Continued to follow my dreams & ideas
  • Learned to stand up for myself and my beliefs and eventually others’
  • Learned assertiveness & put it into practice
  • I’ve begun to tolerate being alone
  • Developed systems of change for myself and others
  • I refused to give up
  • I didn’t hurt myself
  • Separated myself from Mom
  • Learned to see her as a person
  • Got my license
  • Weathered DBSA through thick & thin
  • Joined a church I’m active in
  • Stood up for my beliefs, even when it got me fired
  • Learned to trust
  • Stopped running away
  • Owned/Developed pride in me
  • Learned how to tolerate anxiety
  • Continued to grow my resourcefulness
  • Had a relationship
  • Made real friends
  • Learned how to manage money
  • Didn’t forget
  • Didn’t let go of the dream
  • Took care of my body & teeth

I am pretty fucking awesome. Today Dr. N told me he’s proud of me, that I’ve accomplished something 2 years ago he didn’t think was possible – in terms of my wellness. He said he knew I had potential but didn’t expect this. It feels good that he’s proud of me and that he sees and appreciates the positive change I work so hard on every day.

Today I went to the casino and practiced the word Patient. I tried Compassion but it was too hard. I want to learn to be Patient. Now I’m off to dye a llama purple with blackberries, if I don’t eat them all first. ;) I love fruit. I have two biopsies coming up. Wish me luck.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2013

2 thoughts on “I love fruit

  1. Proud of you Michelle…..Keep it up! And continue to grow! You’re a blessing to all who know & love you, girl!

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