5-25-10                 10:39pm

So, all those people who always try to convince me to eat healthy are always trying to get me to exercise as well. While I’m not against it, I don’t do it often. At least not their version.

Today I got in quite a bit of exercise, my way. Warmed up with some cardio (anxiety). Then walked to the bus stop, and up the stairs at the trolley, and to another bus, and down to Dave & Buster’s where I had a salad and a soda. I was tired.

I don’t care what anyone says. Whac-a-Mole is cardio. I was so exhausted, had to sit there and breathe for awhile.

Basketball & skee ball for strength training and coordination. I LOVE skee ball! I even made that little 100 hole in the corner once and I made a few baskets. Woohoo!

I love this view. Skee ball is good for the soul.

When I left, I was exhausted. The internet told me the bus still ran but it didn’t, so I walked to the trolley (a mile). When I got there I sat down in Panda Express and could not move or breathe. Too much. Way too much activity.

I wondered as I played skee ball with a smile why it is that I pay my gym $40 a month and never go if I have so much fun playing skee ball and Whac-a-Mole takes everything out of me. It might be smarter just to make a date with Dave & Buster’s. When I left I felt happy and tired. I felt calm. I could use more of that. Fun.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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