Damn varmints

11-3-12     8:20pm

Earlier I felt anxious and paranoid. Left a voicemail for Dr. N. Now I feel hopeless and doomed. And a bit paranoid. And my head hurts. :( I was feeling somewhat okay when the pain set in after the anxiety turned to weakness and confusion until my mom told me we change the clocks tonight. All bets are off.

You know, they say it’s daylight savings but there’s no saving involved. It’s more like a credit scam. I need to move to a state where they don’t change the clocks. Nothing gets me more than knowing that tomorrow my days will be lost and I will be cold for the next six months. Okay, some things get me more but not tonight. Bastards.

(break to read Wikipedia)

When my day begins near sunset and ends in darkness…

Society tells me I’m lazy and crazy for getting up in the afternoon and staying up late. But I’m just time-shifting. I live a time-shifted life by about 8 hours and it works for me. Stop pulling time out from under me, ya hear? Damn varmints.

I don’t feel like writing anymore.

Is it Christmas yet?
When is Halloween?
I don’t understand.
Damn, varmints.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2012

2 thoughts on “Damn varmints

  1. I love your honesty and willingness to not go with the mainstream!
    You know I love laughter yoga so I hope I’m not sounding pushy when I ask if you’ve trying laughing even if you don’t feel like it . . . . or maybe especially if you don’t feel like it! Even a simple smile. Or, watch a favorite movie that always makes you laugh. I like to believe it can be as simple as that . . . even if just for a short break from all our thinking! I value you Michelle!

    • Thanks, Michael. :) I do love laughter yoga. I haven’t practiced it lately but I am often very playful. It brings me joy to seek and experience pleasure from the small things. Anything. Like food or the feeling of water or moving or anything shiny or fuzzy or brightly colored or that bounces or moves. In music and movement, riding the bus or trolley. Bouncing up and down. Twirling. Jumping. Talking to myself in the mirror. I often feel such joy in the sadness. Sit with God.

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