Strange Happenings

4/5/10                   2:32am

First the lid to the trash can next to me moved twice without me touching it, then a noise on the other side of my kitchen. I just went in the bathroom to trim my fingernail and the door was mostly closed. We don’t close the bathroom door when we’re not in it, my mom’s asleep, and I didn’t close it. This, of course, caused me to check the bathtub for monsters, intruders, serial rapists. You know, the standard. I wish my front door didn’t have a window. I’m always afraid people are watching me.

And tonight I’m afraid of the fucking dark – more than usual. Something’s not right…

I’m always afraid of the dark but usually things aren’t moving and out of place.

And I found TWO, count ’em TWO, dead baby birds on my front walkway today.

BAD omen in my book.

And one of them looked like it had swallowed a marble. Creepy.

And then there was the earthquake. Are these signs God forgot to warn us about in Revelation???

I’d LIKE to make a bagel but I’m afraid the sound of the microwave might mask another clue.

My friend says:

As an ex-witch… (leave that one alone)… I think that either is a really bad sign, or one of the neighborhood cats REALLY hates you!

The birds fall out of our rain gutters where they nest. I’d like to sleep but I’m seriously frightened.

But it’s not like I want to be AWAKE to confront whatever’s in my house. Not that I want to be asleep and helpless either…

(An hour later) I’m still hungry…

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