My Reward for Eating Vegetables

6-4-10   3:55am

God has a weird sense of humor. You remember those carrots I told you about, with the dip? (sigh) He KNOWS I loathe things that make no sense, yet tonight he gives me a carrot mystery.

I was happily munching on my onion dip covered baby carrots when I bit into one that I couldn’t bite through. Felt like there was a rock in it. I wondered what could be inside this carrot I was attempting to eat. So I tried biting a different place. Well, part of it came off, which I ate, exposing this dowel-like rock hard cylinder of what I thought would be carrot. Have you ever come across this? It doesn’t bend or break. I can’t even break it’s skin with my fingernail. What the fuck? Check it out.

What would you think?

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