Letting myself be

7/26/13     9:49pm

1 Awesome thing. Letting myself be. 

I am a human being. I act like a human doing. This makes my head explode. It is awesome to let myself be, to be quiet, to do nothing on purpose. To let the hardship and hurt flow out of me and simply breathe, drift into daydreams or softly to sleep. Permission for myself to be still.

Letting myself be. For a moment not judging or changing, fixing or freaking out. Simply to exist. I occupy space on the earth. I feel myself in relation to others. I be safely.

Letting myself be is awesome. I get in the way of be too often. I am thankful for the ability to let myself be.

You have to get through this.
We make it.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2013