5-15-10                 9:35pm

Why is it that when my computer fucks up it pops up a box to tell me and then makes me press “Ok.” It’s the only option. IT’S NOT OKAY! I want a button that says, “No, you fucking whore, it’s not okay. FIX IT!” Or maybe one that says “Eat shit and die, stupid computer.” I have gone through 10 cds today and gotten THREE that burned correctly. The last one I threw at the wall and it broke in half. No, iTunes, it is NOT okay. (shake my head and sigh)

For some reason my mom thinks if I just “let it rest” and try again tomorrow something will be different, that it will magically work. That might work with an overheated shredder, but not this. For an intelligent person who has taken computer classes her stupidity amazes me. She thought that maybe if I just adjusted the volume on the computer speakers that the cd would burn correctly. What? What does volume have to do with a cd drive that pops out randomly? Really.

“Why do you keep putting them in there?” she asked. I’ll give you that it’s a valid question. Why, knowing my computer eats them, would I keep feeding it cds? Random reinforcement. Three out of ten times it works, but I never know which three. It’s what causes research pigeons to go crazy and gambling addictions. Random reinforcement. If I don’t feed it cds, I’ll never get the one out that I want. And I want several. Glad I bought a lot of cds.

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