Today’s Look

6/23/16     11:44pm

Today’s look:
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I have to give a shout out to Brenda, the amazing lady who has been doing my hair for over 20 years now. Crazy, huh? I just realized that today. She is kind and quick-witted, full of talent. She is conservative in cutting (no asking for 3″ off and leaving minus 7.”) We talk about life. Today she was telling me about her “flying squirrel” dog. I swear if she catches that on tape that dog will be famous. ;) No color or perms or other fancy stuff. Just incredible cuts that are sure to always flatter you and your face. She won’t do it if it makes you look bad, even if you want it.

Brenda works out of Kids Hair Salon in La Mesa, CA. So, if you don’t mind the sound of a kids movie on the tv, being surrounded by kids and parents, and looking at jungle animals on the walls, I’d give her a try. She washes, cuts, dries, and styles my hair all for around $20 (and a tip.) Can’t beat that. I wish I remembered to go more often. It makes me feel good.

Thanks, Brenda, for being so great and for making me look good for all these years. Here’s to 20 more.

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