Cheese, Hot Sauce & a CD

5-1-10                   2:01am

Tonight I find myself wondering if shredded cheese with hot sauce would be considered a snack or a meal. I had some hashbrown sticks and two tacos from Jack in the Box, but I swear those tacos are designed to make you need more. They’re addictive. Yet, I lack a car to get more. Damn. But I found some shredded cheese in my fridge. I ate it with some of my remaining taco sauce, then shredded some more – which for me is a big thing. There are ingredients in the fridge to make more tacos but the cheese seemed like the easiest thing to eat. No microwave or assembly required… Now I’m getting tired of cheese. Maybe I should’ve gone with ramen.

On a separate note, I bought a cd tonight at that concert. I’d like to sell it back. In concert her music is great. Some of it’s sad but she’s got a good voice and plays a mean fiddle. Her hoedown, wow. Freakin’ awesome. However, 13 of the 14 songs on the cd make me want to cry and pull my hair out. Not that they’re not pretty. They’re just fucking depressing. Grrrr. (sigh)