You’re Just You: Wisdom from the Voice in My Head

1/22/12     12:25pm

What’s wrong with you? You’re just you. Nobody else could be you. And they wouldn’t want to if they knew what it meant. And you’re pretty damn good at it. So keep doin’ it. You’re the only one who knows how.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2012

8 thoughts on “You’re Just You: Wisdom from the Voice in My Head

  1. not sure what kind of music you like… but I thought of this song when I read this… it helps me fight the fight of all the negative lies I here and to love myself… it’s a fight song to just keep pushing through…

    keep writing… happy will come… till than be in the moment- being you! I loved the honesty in this and appreciate it so much!
    If you like this kind of music… I have a playlist that has really got me through moments you described… keep fighting!

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