Waiting on a Rainbow

9-5-11     3ish-pm

What color are paranoia & psychotic symptoms?



I’m exhausted. I have been cleansed by twirling in the rain. It’s super hot now. I’m waiting for a rainbow to let me know I’m not possessed. But maybe I’m ON the rainbow and it’s invisible, holding me up. I’m so exhausted.

I put all my clothes in the wash to get rid of the evil and the toxins. I ate some pizza. I don’t wanna go to group tonight. I’m so tired. So tired.

Need to sleep but it’s hot inside and I’ll miss the rainbow I’m sitting on.
The air feels nice.
So nice.
So tired…

Words find their way back into the abyss.
I listen but all I hear is mist.
I shouldn’t have eaten.
It’s killing me.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2011

2 thoughts on “Waiting on a Rainbow

  1. Your blog is very interesting. I do not mean any offence, but it literally sounds like you live on another planet, one which I had no idea even existed, really insightful and different. Good luck with everything. Don’t deny yourself pizza. Pizza is good.

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