The Sick Cycle

12-1-10     1:29pm

I am so cranky today. I want to be outside but I’m supposed to watch the soup so it doesn’t boil over. Would it not make more sense to just put less soup in the pot? (SIGH)

I feel bitter today. I’m a few days into a sick cycle. I will feel confused and pissy for several days, have major mood swings and be more tired than I should be. I will then have unexplained agitation with lots of movement & bad headaches, and small windows of euphoria. I will then be extremely tired for several days and then have a somewhat normal productive few days or week before it starts again. I will think I’m losing my mind and have urges to die. I will hate everyone and everything and not know why. I will feel desperately alone but not want to be touched or around people. I will be overwhelmed. Life will be more than I can handle. And I will be exhausted.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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