Late Night Funnies

6-30-10                 12:13am

So, I’m sitting here at the computer tonight when the most hilarious thing happens. While munching on a crouton that I tried hard to resist but didn’t, I said to my mom, “You know you have a serious snacking problem when at midnight on a Wednesday morning you slowly and slyly say to your daughter, ‘Waaaanna croutoooon???’” I laughed. She took a drink of milk. Then it hit her. She spit the milk out like a movie scene. It’s all over the floor and some binders on the table and her. We’re both laughing hysterically. She’s shrieking. Zoe’s licking it up off the floor. Lol. It’s this laughter that happens with my aunt Jackie or my grandma. A mostly silent, can’t breathe, face turning red, squeaks escaping here and there, commotion, punctuated by pauses for coughing. My belly aches and I’m surprised I didn’t pee on myself.

Zoe had 2 white hairs on her back. The rest of her is black. Mom pulled one out today with the new cat brush. And she says right after this incident, “Well, she still has one hair.” Lol. The laughter started all over. This cat’s been through so much. She was held in one hand on the ride from Ramona to Santee. My mom stepped on her. I threw a water bottle the landing of which scared her so bad she wouldn’t come near us for a few days. She’s not all there to begin with. I can understand why she’s 9 weeks old and already has two white hairs. But now, according to my mom, she only has one hair left.

I love this night.


© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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