Thank God for Dr. N

5-17-10                 1pm

I appreciate my doctor today. He’s awesome. He may not know what’s wrong with me but he certainly does care.

I left him a copy of “I don’t know” is NOT acceptable at the hospital on Friday. I knew it was him calling this morning super early but I was too tired to pick up the phone. When he called again I knew I had to. I was so tired I was having trouble understanding what he said but the parts I got make me smile. He said he can see I’m very angry and that I have reason to be. He said, “It’s not usually my practice to make stuff up and lie to people.” Lol. He said he’s not trained in neurology and therefore can’t help me with that but that he’ll do everything he can to help me with the psych stuff and that I can call him any time. (smile) I just want to hug him!

I hate phone calls when I’m sleeping but this one was good. :) Thank God for Dr. N.

©Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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