Sleep is Sleep

5-1-10                   3:33pm

Okay. Vent. I DON’T HAVE TROUBLE SLEEPING! God, that’s annoying. Hence the phrase, “I don’t have insomnia, for the 1,000th time.” I’m sorry but that just makes me angry. I don’t know why people can’t comprehend that although I don’t sleep at NIGHT that doesn’t mean I don’t sleep.

I just got a comment on my Beginning Here post on another site saying he wished I could get a good night’s sleep and told me about this computerized sleep system and mentioned sleep meds. HELLO! (sigh) What I wrote verbatim was “I don’t have insomnia, for the 1,000th time. I stay up all night because it’s quiet and it’s what my body likes, which is good because I can’t handle much day.” That in NO way says, “Help me. I can’t sleep.”

What is so wrong with not sleeping at night? WHY can’t people get it? There is no difference in the quality of time between 11pm-7am and 6am-2pm. None! It’s just shifted. Different hours. If I worked the night shift, they might understand a tiny bit more. However, most people seem to lack the ability to comprehend this fact: Sleep is sleep, no matter when you do it. I actually sleep more than most of the people I know. So PLEASE, resist the urge to tell me to sleep or how to sleep or when to sleep. I’ve got it covered. Thanks.

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