Love is Possible

Got the SDGE guy to take a picture of me :)

I did something incredible today. I feel empowered and I can’t stop smiling. Love IS possible.

Last month my friend posted on FB, “There are easier things in life than trying to find a nice guy… like nailing jelly to a tree.” Ever since then I’ve been thinking about nailing jelly to a tree. How would I do it? Is it even possible? Well, today I tell you that it IS possible to nail jelly to a tree. With 8 packets of stolen jelly, jam and marmalade, some nails, my freezer, a hammer, and a tree borrowed from a neighbor I’ve done it! :)

I feel SO empowered. I just stood there and stared at my achievement, my art. Because for me it wasn’t just jelly nailed to a tree. It was proof that love IS possible. It’s not out of my reach. I have goosebumps and I can’t stop smiling. :) I didn’t want to take them down but the rain is coming again and it might be kind of messy.

Except for 9 tiny holes, this tree is just as it was when I met it today. But I’m not. This project has changed me. I feel hope. Pretty powerful stuff. Love is possible. I promise.

And nailing jelly to a tree is actually pretty easy. If you’d like to try it, here’s how. (And many thanks to Tim for help with the brainstorming.) I froze half the packets with the nail already through them, which made them slightly easier to put up, but it doesn’t matter.

BIG smile. :D I feel like twirling on a dance floor in a circle skirt with my arms out and screaming. (sigh) High-five, God.

The first picture in the slide show is the one of supplies.

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2 thoughts on “Love is Possible

  1. What an amazing journey; and you didn’t even have to go very far (just next door)! Your smile in the picture says it all. While I believe the saying came about BEFORE plastic packets (and freezers)… it is nice indeed that technology and time has found away to prove to everyone that love is possible; that there is a person out there for each of us. Just like waiting for time to engineer a way to achieve the task, patience will eventually allow love to grow, blossom and find its way into our hearts and lives. The hard part for me is I don’t have patience… the easy part is you have also proven that if you get tired of waiting you can go out and concur the task yourself!!! Thanks for not only empowering yourself, but empowering others by sharing your story!

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