Who is like the Lord

3-21-10                 3:58pm

I went to church this morning with Mom. I’m not a big fan of this church but I took something from the message. I am like Jesus.

Now, hold your horses. I’m not manic. I don’t think I’m God, not having delusions of grandeur. I’m just a lot like Jesus. My name, Michelle, means “who is like the Lord.” I never understood but I see it now.

The church is always pushing, saying to be more like Him. I might not follow the church, but I am. I give what I have to the needy, put others first even at my own expense. I fellowship with the untouchables and the wealthy, but I’m neither. I am here for a set amount of time to achieve a purpose I don’t fully understand. I walk alone and think radically different than others. But I have followers. Only I don’t know where they’re following me to. He broke the rules, made new ones, changed lives. So, yes. I think I’m like Jesus.

I may not love my enemies but I respect them and treat them well. I help even the people I hate. I have compassion for those who hurt me. I know that I’m here for a reason, but also that I’m just passing through.

PS – The message had nothing to do with this.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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