3-21-10                 6:30pm

There are 3 situations in life – the game, the dance, and the puzzle. Any interaction you have is one of these 3.

The game is where you use strategy to defeat your opponent. A puzzle is where you use your observational skills to learn what you can, make connections, and fit things together. The dance is moving gracefully, toe-to-toe, through the process.

Ideally, what you learn in the puzzle gives you the strategy to win the game and then dance through life. Because doing anything else through life is just boring. And ineffective. The dance is that stage that you reach eventually where you just know how things work. You know what to look for in the puzzle. The game doesn’t throw you like it used to. You are able to freestyle, quickstep, miss the puddle. I think I’m living the dance. Where are you?

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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