What makes me smile automatically?

3-9-10          11am

  • Twirling on a dance floor
  • Maruchan ramen
  • Great seams
  • The sunset
  • Good jazz music
  • Mom’s funny faces
  • Remembering a good word
  • Petting a kitty
  • Hugging someone I love
  • Clothes or shoes that fit just right
  • Good food
  • Talking to my aunt
  • Seeing my grandma
  • Singing to an audience
  • A song on the radio with good memories
  • Soft pink things
  • Babies
  • Funny fish
  • A great journal
  • Solving a math problem
  • Dirt
  • The happy face on the 52
  • Flowers
  • Dance music

1 thought on “What makes me smile automatically?

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