The Purpose of a Raindrop

11:30pm 2/20/10

I watched the raindrops fall slowly down the car window tonight, some alone, others taking ones with them. And I wondered, just what is the purpose of a raindrop? A single raindrop? What does it do? It has no control over where it goes, what happens to it, the pattern it makes when it falls. It just falls. It goes where God put it. If I were that raindrop, I might think that I had no purpose. To make a car dirty or to end up in the gutter, to be wiped off a windshield as if I were nothing. Most people dislike the rain. I might have no purpose. But I am part of something bigger. A part of something great and powerful that carves into hillsides and washes houses away. Something that makes the flowers grow and makes people pause. A single raindrop can’t change the world on its own, but surely it has a purpose. And I don’t ever hear it ask. But I still wonder, does the raindrop know? What is the purpose of a raindrop?

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