Swallowing a Bumblebee

2-21-10 8pm

My doctor changed the dose of one of my meds this week. Not usually a problem. But this change made me excessively nervous – not because of the medication but the pill. It looks like a bumblebee. It is a half-yellow half-black capsule. Who the fuck makes a pill like that? Really. I said, “I cannot swallow a bumblebee.”

I had planned to find a pharmacy that carried an alternate manufacturer, researched it out, but I didn’t have the energy. So I sat facing this bumblebee. I was very concerned about this thing many people might call unimportant. But it’s not. Would YOU swallow a bumblebee?

I was surprised how it turned out. It was almost 5am. I was exhausted, shuffling around my room getting ready for bed. The bumblebee was in my handful of pills and, somewhere between throwing things over my clothes rack and putting stuff away, I took them. And I paused to ask myself, “What did I just take?” Hmmm… Ack! What? I swallowed a bumblebee. And it didn’t actually kill me.

I actually do like bumblebees. Have you ever pet one? Livin’ on the edge. ;) Maybe I’ll name them. Like Tubby the Tuba – the name given to the pills Mom first taught me to swallow. I think tonight’s will be Fred. That name reminds me of Hello, Dolly… :)

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