Sharing the Experience

2-21-10 1:02am

So, I like to write. I write a lot, and people have been trying to get me to start a blog for some time. At first the idea intrigued me, but what would I write? What is it I want to share with the world? Andrew said what I post on my FB page is entertaining enough, but I already do that on FB. What would be the purpose of this new thing?

Tonight a new friend mentioned I should start a blog. Then when I got home I had a message from someone else, same idea. The universe keeps telling me. I’m thinking I should listen.

I’ve been doing a lot of thinking and writing about change, about trusting people, and about comfort. There aren’t many people I share with or trust. Frankly, people scare me. I want to get out of my comfort zone though and step into a new one. However, that means doing what I’m scared of. If doing what I’ve always done gets me what I’ve always had and I don’t want that, I must do something else. But the things I don’t do I avoid because they’re scary. So, to get to the comfort, I need to make myself uncomfortable. Share even though it’s scary and means I might get hurt. Keep sharing when I do. Go places I don’t normally go. Talk to people. Eat new foods. Wear new colors. Say yes to things that make me nervous and no to things that make me mad. The ultimate exposure assignment. And share the experience. Gosh, it’s scary but exciting.

So, the purpose of this new thing is to share what I normally don’t, to take a chance, and to write along the journey towards happiness.

Today’s Successes:

  • I got out of my house.
  • Shared very personal writing with someone new, even though it made me really nervous.
  • Met a friend from FB.
  • Danced with someone I don’t know and really enjoyed it.
  • Ordered something new.
  • Let myself feel happy.
  • Started a blog.

Thank you to Sacha and Traci and Andrew. Let the blogging begin. :)

15 thoughts on “Sharing the Experience

  1. Dear Michelle,

    In regards to your blog and your first entry, thanks so much sharing with me. We are already friends through Facebook, and I have been impressed before with your strength and heart, and it is good to see you reach and share in this new way. I like your writing style–direct, terse, and true. I think you’ve got a little Hemingway in you, my dear! Maybe you have an African safari coming up next…or deep sea fishing? Michelle and The Sea? LOL Yes, it is scary to expose our inner thoughts and heart to others, and, yes, there are some possible negatives in doing so, but there are also wonderful people and positives we can only find by reaching out, sharing, and caring. Bless you, dear Michelle! Hugs from your Texas buddy, Carl <3

  2. S reomehow through the vast universe of the Internet I found your blog. This was no accident apparently because I am so lifted with a gust of positivity knowing there is someone else out there who feels vulnerable.

    I too have fears – mostly of people because of how cruel and spiteful many of them are. Yet to take another chance, and many times feel like a fool knowing I am opening myself up for more hurt when I decide to trust one more time.

    I read your blog and I cheered for you as I read because you showed courage with grace. You pushed through your fear which quite honestly, softened my heart.

    Thank you for opening up and sharing. You have made a difference in some strangers life.

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