Moments of Happy

1/1/12     5:26pm

I don’t know where to find it but there is a piece of research about smiling that I’m using as a coping skill tonight. It says that smiling works both ways. We smile because we’re happy, but smiling also makes us happy. Even when we’re not.

At first I thought it was bullshit but then I remembered doing it in theater and tried it again. Smiling (happy or not) sends a rush of chemicals through the brain. I can feel it. So I’m doing it tonight. Smiling largely while unhappy. It actually works for a few moments. You should try it.

Moments of happy. Free and immediate. No prescription necessary. So what if I look funny? I have moments of happy.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2012

2 thoughts on “Moments of Happy

  1. I am glad I ran across your blog b/c for the past 20 days I have been practicing the “Law of Attraction” by Master Coach ,David Childerley Take a look at his youtube channel. Sometimes when I find myself unhappy, I smile and it does help. I use to think the though of happiness was something you had to attain to monetary or external objects but later discovered it is something we , as individuals, create.

    I will follow your blog..

    mannie. with

  2. Just the title of this post makes me smile, because I think it’s SO IMPORTANT to meditate on the positive aspects of our lives. Good for you, and happy new year!


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