I dabble in the secret things

9.4.11   10:20pm

I dabble in the secret things.
They are my specialty.
The things one mentions not in light, not in reality.

I dabble in the secret things that make men twist and cry.
The shame that no one talks about that hides within your eye.

I dabble in these things ’cause I have secrets of my own.
They tremble at my footsteps.
They know that they are owned.

But still these secrets eat me, follow into the night.
They fill my soul with worry they might one day see the light.

And so I keep to other’s secrets as my great specialty.
And I hope that no one finds out what is secretly eating me.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2011

1 thought on “I dabble in the secret things

  1. This is beautiful and I can relate all too well, you have talent babe, a few words of advice, no matter how wrong, dark, bad, what ever those secrets are when you keep them locked inside it makes them more powerful, find SOMEONE a total stranger or a trusted friend and share bit by bit, you will see once out in the open they arent as bad as we may have thought, once light is shined on anything it loses half its power right there…a leap of faith for me, I will tell you 2 secrets, one Ive told, another I havent (nope NO ONE) I hope it will encourage you to find someone to share with, plus I will prob NEVER see you so what will it hurt?…as soon i figure out how to PM you here

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