Garth Therapy

12-31-10     4:57pm

I’m sitting in the car outside Albertson’s listening to Garth Double Live. Mom’s in freak out mode for the party tonight, that starts in 3 hours. (deep breathing…)

I want to trade my Wii for Possum Trot. I really want to go to BYU but I think Possum is more attainable. As long as Scotty’s there… Yep. He’s there.

I really need some stuff to look forward to. Right now I am groundless. No choir, no S-, no jazz, no talking in group, no dance, no predictable non-stressful social interations, nothing fun coming up on the calendar. No real reason to be here. I don’t want to not be here. I just need meaning and purpose and fun. Time for me to relax and to be productive and to play, scheduled, with other people, regularly.

Sitting alone in a dark car listening to Garth & writing is therapeutic.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

2 thoughts on “Garth Therapy

  1. I kinda felt this way after Christmas. I felt like I need some adventure in my life (If I could only make some money to support my need for adventure). As soon as I feel better, I need to have an adventure with you.

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