Behind the Scenes

I’ve been thinking about this song tonight.

I can’t be angry that people don’t see what I don’t show them. That they don’t hear what I don’t say. That they don’t understand what they do. But I’m still terrified.


© Michelle Routhieaux 2011

5 thoughts on “Behind the Scenes

  1. Michelle, I’m so in sync with you. I think the worst part is that people don’t understand what they do, thus inflicting much pain. They have a long way to go; but then so do I, if I keep choosing to remain to be mostly invisible. However, how mucy pain is visibiliy worth when basically they have the upper handd.

    Why the ?X**%# doesns’t facebook have spell check?

    Keep on writing none the less, it does help, I mostly to lazy, depressed, or sick to do it. Good for you. I so admire your opennes.

  2. Wow, touching song. I’ve never heard of this girl before. Thanks for posting this, music seems to be the only thing that I enjoy that isn’t negative.


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