A New Name for Dip & Kids Movies

6-4-10                   3:23am

I think we need a new name for dip. I love the substance. It’s the name I have a problem with and that has me scouring my kitchen tonight looking for something to DIP in the dip. But why? It’s the dip that I want. I don’t need the extra calories from the bag of chips I devour because I want to eat the dip. I settled on carrots tonight, but I don’t want the carrots. And the weird thing is I’m dipping carrots in onion dip. Yes, I’m dipping a vegetable I like the taste of in a dip flavored like a vegetable I avoid at all costs. Really? I don’t get it. I don’t like onions. I hate the way onion dip smells. Yet I crave it. And last night I ate most of a bag of sour cream and onion chips, dipped in my onion-flavored sour cream. (shake my head)

While we’re on the subject of things not making sense, what’s up with kids movies that aren’t kids movies? I watched Wall-E tonight. It was so depressing! And I can’t fathom any kid I know understanding what the movie was actually about, the implications and messages. I wouldn’t have understood it at say 8 or 12. And UP? Good movie. WAY too deep. Everyone I know who saw it cried. I had trouble following it. The first 15 minutes were enough to make me wonder what the fuck I was watching. Love, miscarriage, death, eminent domain? It’s a KIDS MOVIE! It shouldn’t put me in a funk for days. Does anybody else feel this way? When I put in something from Disney or Dreamworks I want to come away feeling warm and fuzzy inside, not confused and bewildered and very very sad.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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