A Facebook Life

6-4-10                   12:57am

I’m pretty sure some people think I live my entire life on FB. I don’t. But I guess I come close to it. I don’t follow everyone’s posts, but there are a few people whose posts I make sure to read. I get them on my phone. So even if I’m out I know what’s going on. Last  time I unsubscribed from someone I missed something important. And yes, I’m on or near FB many hours a day. But it’s only because I have nothing to do and when I have something to do I’m usually avoiding it. And when I’m out I want to tell people what I’m doing.

I ask myself what this FB life means about me? Am I a loser? No. A techy? No. Really, I just want to feel connected to someone, to something. I want to belong. And on FB I can pretend to do that at any time of day or night. Thanks to FB, when I’m out about my day alone I have someone(s) to share things with, good and bad. Reading the texts I get of posts is like hearing from people, even if they’re not speaking directly to me. It’s a reminder that I’m NOT alone even though it feels like it.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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