The Kids Meal

5-26-10                 4:24am

I just gotta point out how awesome the kids meal is at Panda Express. I get it all the time. It’s perfect. I can’t eat a two entrée meal. I can’t even usually finish the kids meal. It’s the perfect size for me when I’m REALLY hungry. I finished it all today (except for the cookies) and was so stuffed it was painful. And it cost me less than $5. What do you get? Everything here. One side, one main item, a chocolate chip cookie, a fortune cookie, and a tiny drink you can refill as many times as you want.

Today's Meal

I don’t know why smaller meals are limited to kids almost everywhere. Panda Express doesn’t hassle me about age. Neither does the movie theater. At most theaters, for around $5, I can get more popcorn than I generally eat, candy and a drink. Why would I pass that up? I don’t need a big bag of popcorn or a bucket. I’m just feeding the trash. Try the kids meal. You just might like it. ;)

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