Can pigeons float?

5-15-10                 4:15am

So, it’s 4 in the morning and I have “For Now” from Avenue Q running quickly through my head. I have yet to see an earwig tonight, which is making me worry that something’s wrong. I’m not sure what. And I’m wondering if pigeons can float.

Yes, pigeons. I was at the beach with my mom the other day just watching. Birds, dogs, people, and of course waves. This group of pigeons discovered a patch of seeds on the ground and after eating for awhile flew off together. They circled around a few times before flying off toward the sea. And I wondered, can pigeons float? Cuz I know ducks can. Or at least they can swim. But these pigeons, they didn’t come back. You know? I know that birds can fly really far without stopping, but pigeons don’t migrate. They just eat fish. (I think.) So once they get out to wherever in the ocean they’re going, what to do they do? Can a pigeon eat a fish mid-air? I can’t imagine flying all that way to eat a fish mid-air and then flying back without stopping. So I’m wondering, can pigeons float?

©Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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