3-22-10                 3:25pm

I am so sick of hearing, reading, and watching people fight about healthcare reform. This thing that’s meant to help us stay alive is tearing us apart. Come on. Really? I’ve read many people claim by reforming healthcare Congress is stealing our freedom and ruining our country. I read posts about how all the people without insurance are just poor lazy bastards who don’t manage money well. They bitch and complain about cost and the deficit. But, honestly, who really cares? And how does increasing the deficit, which will happen anyway, directly affect YOU? Someone said yesterday, “At least the poor make out.” (sigh) To that I say, “Eat shit and die.”

Since when did health become something people were mad at poor people for wanting? Really. Part of me hopes they never understand why this is important. However, the rest of me wishes they would be struck with a terrible disease, lose their job and insurance, and be forced to attempt to make it, to survive. Not on savings. But on life. You can never fully understand until you’ve been there.

The “government programs” they think are so horrible and flawed and need tossing are what keep me alive every day. No, they’re not perfect. But they’re something. I’m not an irresponsible, lazy, dumbass working the system for a buck like they’d make me out to be. My life has worth and I deserve to be healthy, no matter my income or age. What makes me less worthy?

I find it interesting that the conservatives are so against helping people. The religious right is trying to convince America that loving their neighbors as they love themselves is wrong? That sacrifice for the greater good is bad? It’s almost Easter. I think they need to stop and ask, “What would Jesus do?” My answer is that He would bear that cross, help the needy and sacrifice Himself.

You don’t know what tomorrow may bring. You just might be the one standing in line at the food pantry or welfare office just days after posting your hatred of “those people” on your FB page. But oops, now you’re one of “those people.” How things change…

There are many people who come to me for advice, who want or need my input, who trust my judgment. I make change. I save lives. I have value. I am also poor. I receive disability and am alive thanks to Medicaid and Medicare. It’s very offensive and I feel hurt by posts referring to “people” like me so negatively. You don’t even know me. But I know you. You hate me because I’m stealing your money and corrupting the country, but you jump at the chance to have lunch with me to pick my brain. Do you see the irony?

(sigh) I feel sick.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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