I Saw the Sunset Today

I saw the sunset today and realized I’m at the top of the mountain, at least this mountain, scoping out the next.

3-10-10                 5:44pm

I realized today that my brain is functioning at optimum capacity. I feel great. I have lots of creative ideas and thoughts. I want to dance and sing and I do it. I’m getting things done. I’m confronting conflict, being assertive, writing. My response to stressful situations is NOT to want to hurt myself and run away. I’m interested in guys. I see a future. That is such a huge change for me.

I envisioned myself today in great clothes, driving my own car, as a competitive ballroom dancer. I considered taking more classes in all sorts of dances. I even considered a “pole fitness” class and ones in belly dancing and bolero, whatever that is. I thought about my budget and I truly enjoyed talking and dancing with Russell. I belong in the spotlight. I belong on the stage.

This is what I feel like at my best. I am still tired but my brain’s working right, coming up with ideas and solutions, not filled with toxic thoughts. I like me this way. I’d like to stay this way. I just smile. All systems are go. Time for a nap. ;)

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