An Alternate Universe, A Great Un-fantasy

2-21-10 7pm

I was feeling so incredibly sad today. I finished the agendas – both regular and special – and the projected expenses for the meeting tomorrow night. I Facebooked a little. I felt simply awful.

Mom is fighting with me over everything, all of the time. And I woke up again today overwhelmed by my blankets and unable to get away from my dreams. The stuff on my table was overwhelming me. Friends IMed me on Facebook. I didn’t want to talk. I just needed to get OUT.

So I decided to come to Bing Crosby’s. This place. It’s magical. I walked in the doors and found a seat. What a treasure. I felt my body change, almost instantly. I couldn’t not smile. I felt hopeful. It was like stepping into an alternate universe, only this one’s actually real. It’s not all fantasy. I could do without the huge tvs. But this, this is a great un-fantasy.

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