How’s the weather?

9-4-10                  4:09am

I discovered a few weeks ago that when my friend Sacha sings it changes the weather. My perception of the world is rarely congruous with reality and the weather in my head is often much different. Since then I’ve found it helpful to ask myself how the weather is to give me a better picture of what I’m feeling. I asked myself tonight. This was the answer, some random commentary, and more answer.

9-3-10                  7:44pm

How’s the weather?

It’s a bitterly cold night. I’m standing in the center of a bridge over the ocean looking out into the distance. The sky is perfectly clear, filled with stars, but I’m not looking… I stand there for awhile just watching. Then I take a step back, turn to the left, and continue to walk.

It’s very loud in here tonight. I feel like the world is surrounding me. I displace it as I move, but I’m not a part of it.

The woman (where she was sitting) I’m not a fan of. She’s shallow and always appears a bit tipsy. And her hair is WAY too long for her age… S & J are fighting. At least the music is good.

The woman laughs like a pellet gun.


Sacha has green and blue waterfalls around her, moss and lily pads. “Cry Me a River.” Cool, dark, misty caves. Streams of light shining through the very tall trees.

“Amor Impossible” is warm orange and yellow with sand blowing and white chiffon.

“My Way” is purple.

© Michelle Routhieaux 2010

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